We recommend

Grilled sirloin steak

with pepper sauce or bluecheese sauce

95,00 pln

Tartare steak of succulent loin


42,00 pln

Wild feast for two

/roast venison medallions , skewers of wild boar, roast deer with mushrooms, noodles, baked potatoes, plate of salads/

179,00 pln

Knuckle of pork Bavarian style

with fried cabbage

49,00 pln

Winter madness and Valentine's Day

  • Winter salad

    salad mix, fried camembert, marinated beetroot, roasted sunflower seeds, cherry tomato, pumpkin, vinaigrette sauce

  • Warming roasted pepper cream

    with croutons and sunflower seeds

  • Roast wild boar in hunter's sauce

    served on a hashbrown cake

  • Fried Caspian hake with zucchini sauce

    warming ginger, served with horseradish puree and glazed carrot

  • Penne pasta with forest mushrooms

    in cream sauce

  • Apple pie in a jar

  • Cream of baked celery with smoked salmon

    and roasted sunflower seeds

  • Ripened entrecote steak

    with cherry tomatoes and baked potatoes

  • Fried shrimps

    with lime and chilli served on pineapple carpaccio

  • Colorful farfalle with vegetables

    and grana padano cheese

  • Creme brulee


  • Tartare steak of succulent loin

  • Herrings pickled - three flavours

  • Roast venison pâté with delicacies and cranberry sauce

  • Jelly wild with onion

Hot appetizers

  • Scampi shrimps with garlic butter

    10 pieces

  • Reddish-brown orange-agarics fried in butter

  • Broad beans and ham fried with cheese

Salads for wish

  • New York Salad

    lettuce, grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese, bacon, egg, mustard sauce

  • Italian Salad

    lettuce, mozzarrella, capparies, dried tomatoes,fresh basil, vinegrette sauce


  • Chicken broth served with plain egg pasta or dumplings

  • Beetroot soup served with dumplings

  • Sour rye and cream soup with white sausage Polish style

  • Beetroot soup served with croquette

  • Mushrooms soup

  • Thai soup with shrimps

Flour and vegetarian dishes

  • Dumplings with potatoes and cottage chesse

  • Dumplings with venison

  • Dumplings with goose meat

  • Potato pancakes with chanterelles & sour cream

Fish dishes

  • Baked wild salmon fillet in golden almond flakes

  • Perch from Lake Victoria with green asparagus

  • Steamed zander in creamy leek sauce

Poultry dishes

  • Chicken fillet Parisian style with mushrooms

  • Turkey fillet with chanterelle muschrooms sauce

  • Roasted duck leg with apples and calvados liquer

Venison dishes - Deer dishes

  • Potato pancakes with hunter's goulash

  • Grilled Steak of deer served with pepper sauce

  • Roast deer with chanterelle

  • Wild feast for two

    roast venison medallions , skewers of wild boar, roast deer with mushrooms, noodles, baked potatoes, plate of salads

Venison dishes - Wild boar dishes

  • Stuffed beef of wild boar with mushroom sauce

  • Wild boar chop with fried egg

Venison dishes - Venison

  • Subtle roast venison with ceps

  • Grilled saddle of roe-deer served with barbecue sauce

Beef dishes

  • Hungarian soup-stew in a kettle

  • Crunchy fried potato cake with goulash Hungarian style

  • Burger MAX with fries

  • Traditional stuffed beef steak Silesian style

  • Grilled sirloin steak with pepper sauce or blue cheese sauce

Pork dishes

  • Knuckle of pork Bavarian style with fried cabbage

  • Baked pork ribs served with "panschkraut"

  • Traditional pork chop with bone

  • Pork loins and boletuses with cream

Vegetable side dishes

  • Fried cabbage

  • Celery with leek

  • Plate of salads

  • Red cabbage and cucumber salad

  • Carrot salad with apple

  • Beets with apple and horseradish

Side orders

  • French fries

  • Boiled potatoes

  • Bread

  • Butter

  • Dumplings Silesian style

  • American potatoes

  • Baguette straight from the oven with garlic butter

  • Horseradish / ketchup / mustard


  • Vanilla ice-cream with rasberry mousse, served burning

  • Seasonal cheese cake

    /ask the staff/

  • American pancakes with vanilla ice cream and cherries

    /ask the staff/